Building Surveys

Kirsop & Company advise both private and commercial clients in respect to property. The following range of services are undertaken:

  • Surveys of residential and commercial buildings
  • Pre-Acquisition Surveys
  • Due Diligence Surveys
  • Vendor Surveys
  • Maintenance Surveys
  • Purchaser's Surveys
  • Home Inspection Reports
  • Condition Surveys
  • Fire Risk Assessments


Dilapidation issues arise when a tenant fails to comply with their contractual leasehold obligations. Kirsop & Company act on behalf of both landlords and tenants in connection with dilapidation matters. Every year we undertake numerous instructions and services which include:

  • Negotiating financial settlement for landlord/tenant
  • Negotiating scope of works for tenant
  • Monitoring works for landlord
  • General strategy advice/implementation/Section 18
  • Assessment of dilapidation liability for landlord/tenant
  • Portfolio dilapidations management for landlord/tenant

Party Wall and Neighbourly Matters

Kirsop & Company provide advice in connection with the Party Wall Act 1996 which imposes duties upon parties which hold an interest in a building to notify adjoining owners of their intention to carry out work which may affect a party wall or its foundations.

We can also assist in resolution of disputes and rights of light.

Reinstatement Cost Assessments

Reinstatement Cost Assessments or RCAs are estimations of the cost of rebuilding property following total destruction and represent the sum that a building should be insured for. Many factors influence reinstatement costs making assessment a highly technical exercise. An accurate reinstatement cost will eliminate the risks associated with under insurance and will avoid payment of excessive premiums for over insurance. We can combine our technical skills, portfolio management capability and significant national surveying resource to ensure we can provide accurate reinstatement costs on either one-off or high volume instructions.

Maintenance and Repair of Buildings

Kirsop & Company provide a structured approach to property maintenance to property owner and occupiers to enhance value and achieve cost effectiveness throughout the whole life of a building.

Most property owners recognise the importance of this type of approach in order to:

  • Safeguard the long-term condition of a building to protect and enhance its value;
  • To comply with leasehold obligations and minimise dilapidation liabilities;
  • Identify and control future costs, and risks, in a prioritised manner;
  • Establish and maintain a safe working environment and one that satisfies statutory requirements.

We achieve this through inspection and assessment of buildings, development of a maintenance plan, implementation of works and project management of the works.

Additional services

  • Stock condition surveys
  • Life-cycle appraisal
  • Relocation management
  • Defects analysis
  • Maintenance strategies.